The Salt Satyagraha Online: Gandhi's March to Dandi in Second Life,2008

Over the course of 26 days, from March 12 - April 6, 2008, using a treadmill customized for cyberspace, I reenacted Mahatma Gandhi's famous 1930 Salt March. The original 240-mile walk was made in protest of the British salt tax; my update of this seminal protest march took place at Eyebeam Art and Technology, NYC and in Second Life, the Internet-based virtual world. For this performance, I walked the entire 240 miles of the original march in real life and online in Second Life. My steps on the treadmill controlled the forward movement of my avatar, MGandhi Chakrabarti, enabling the live and virtual reenactment of the march. Post reenactment I created a number of artifacts including 3D rapid prototyped printed sculptures and three monumental 17' tall cardboard sculptures of my avatar as extracted from Second Life.


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"may good fortune walk with you" on the march.

The Salt Satyagraha Online, 2008: >>>more pictures scroll right>>>

First walker, 2008: on the march.

On the treadmill, 2008: photo Christine A. Butler

Western dance party, 2008: on the march

Treadmill and projection, 2008 photo Christine A. Butler

Japanese fairy, 2008: on the march.

Treadmill blur, 2008: photo Laurie A. Macfee

Group of marchers, 2008 on the march.

Hanging with the homies, 2008: on the march.

MGandhi portrait, 2008: on the march.

;), 2008: on the march.

Visit to "Gone Gitmo", 2008: on the march.

Marchers from India, 2008: on the march.

Landscape, 2008: on the march.

Visit to Eva and Franco's, 2008 on the march.

Walking, 2008: on the march.

MGandhi and Jesus, 2008: on the march.

On the beach, 2008: on the march.

Giant teddy bears, 2008: on the march.

From France, 2008: on the march.

Last day group of marchers, 2008: on the march.

Last steps, 2008: on the march.

End of the march, 2008: on the march.