Virtual Paintings.2, 2018-ongoing
water color on paper

In 1996 I created a series of traditional oil paintings referencing media portrayals of people utilizing the first wave of virtual reality technologies. In 2018 I’ve started a new series of smaller watercolor studies of people in the second wave of VR – most of the photographic reference for this ongoing body of work were taken by me at various VR festivals, events, university labs and such. I remain fascinated by our eager embrace and adaptation to current interface technologies – VR remains very awkward, expensive and ungainly to use. These paintings translate a digital moment into an analog artifact of this moment in time.

I’ve been colorblind my entire life. I was partially inspired to take on this new series of paintings due to the acquisition of color blind correcting glasses –painting was always a challenge – these new glasses have literally opened up the world to me and have become, in a way, the mechanism towards connecting me to a new reality of color (wearing a different kind of headset if you will – my glasses)…

Woman in Tree, FOST watercolor on paper 8x8"

John and Yoko in Bed, FOST watercolor on paper 8x8"

Game, Daughter Sarah in VR watercolor on paper 8x8"

Virtual Surgery, FOST watercolor on paper 8x8"

Music Festival, FOST watercolor on paper 8x8"

Inside a Cartoon, FOST watercolor on paper 8x8"

Self Portrait/Laurie Anderson VR watercolor on paper 8x8"

First Date, FOST watercolor on paper 8x8"